The Gates Foundation has been awarded one of the world’s most prestigious awards for public health. Do they deserve it?

by One More Soul Staff


By Liliana Cote de Bejarano, MD, MPH

Source: Global News and Mercatornet

indexThe Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (GF) has been awarded the most prestigious prize in public health, the “Lasker Award for Public Service”. This award constitutes an important precedent for the Nobel Prize. It honors scientists for pioneering research in the medical field. The GF received the award for taking a novel approach to the way we view the world’s most prominent health problems and improve the lives of millions of vulnerable people in the world, according to the Lasker Foundation.

The award was shared with Richard H. Scheller and Thomas C. Südhof for their discoveries concerning the molecular machinery and regulatory mechanism underlying the rapid release of neurotransmitters, and Graeme M. Clark, of S. Blake Ingeborg Hochmair and Wilson, for development of a modern cochlear implant, a device that gives hearing to profoundly deaf people.

It should be noted that the Gates Foundation funds some meritorious programs, such as sponsoring the research of Dr. William Foege, who discovered the vaccine that eradicated smallpox. However, their primary and almost exclusive efforts are now directed to universal birth control. Their so-called family planning programs really mean abortion, both chemical/medical and surgical. Their goal is one child per woman, especially in the countries of Asia and Africa.

The “Millennium Goals” established by the United Nations in 2002, are a top priority of the GF. These goals have eight human development objectives. Objectives 3 and 4 seek to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health. To meet these two objectives, the Gates Foundation has made very generous donations to flood mainly the countries in Asia and Africa, with contraceptive and abortifacient drugs there are supposed to improve the health of children and women.

GF rhetoric includes the antiquated notion that population growth must stop, “Population growth causes changes in climate, and it can cause huge disaster; we cannot tolerate that the population reaches 9 billion. We need provide better reproductive options to women (… ) but there are women who have children for ideological and religious reasons. ”  The GF is also promoting research vaccine use to reduce population.

“Family Planning 2020 Empowering Women Worldwide” is another public health project that is supported by the GF. This is a global partnership to provide 120 million women with access to contraceptive methods by 2020. According to Global News, the GF is collaborating with the Merck and Bayer laboratories, the UN Population Fund (UNFPA ), the Clinton Health Access Initiative, the Children’s Investment Foundation and the governments of Norway Sweden, United Kingdom and United States, to produce contraceptive implants (abortifacients ), Jadelle and Implanon.

The GF will fund Pfizer laboratories for production of injectable contraceptives (abortificients ) for the Department for International Development of the UK, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID ) of USA and the Fund for  UN Population.

Bill Gates has stated that the “beneficiary” countries will bear half of the costs of the ” Family Planning 2020 ” program, these alleged ” beneficiary countries”  will fund early abortions ( by chemical means ) and sterilization of its women and girls. These countries are really been victimized by sterilizing their population, paying for the genocide of their unborn children, and becoming indebted to international organizations.

Public and private organizations thus become partners with the pharmaceutical industries, benefiting from their profits, and allowing the GF to recover some of their alleged donations.

Is public health advanced by flooding women with abortifacient contraceptives that increase the risk of debilitating acute and chronic diseases that are life-threatening?



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