What causes the worst carbon footprint of all? It’s definitely not fossil fuels


September 16, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) — If you still have your children in a public school, you might want to have a talk with your child about the true meaning of “sustainability.”

Or you may want to call your kids who are off at college. Will any of those university courses on their “green” campuses assign students a project to evaluate the carbon footprint of a “gay pride” parade? Or an abortion clinic?

As Obama continues to exalt the climate change agenda above actual global crises, the tragedy is that sexual anarchy will never be objectively measured for its profound contribution to human rights abuses.

You know this word, “sustainable.” The Common Core school framework is full of sacrosanct “sustainable” propaganda, much of it built on the unsustainable quicksand of shifting politics, Marxist economic redistribution schemes, and population control.

But one lesson that’s omitted is the high-risk and low-return of homosexuality, gender-switching and sexual promiscuity. Sexual sin, it turns out, is an unsustainable human activity of the first order.

The reality is, the sexual anarchy movement is unsustainable.

Real humans are damaged and destroyed. Disease, emotional trauma, mutilation, family division, domestic violence and self-harm follow in the wake of “LGBTQetc.” identities and “reproductive rights.” There’s no way to disguise or adequately manage the wreckage left in the wake of these unnatural, life-rejecting behaviors.

And this global movement demands the revocation of freedom, productivity and sustainability for anyone who doesn’t cooperate. Think of the people out of work because of “gay” bullying– Kim Davis (for a few days– and who knows what the future holds?). Oregon bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein. Craig James. The list is expanding.

Anyone care to estimate the environmental waste of the entire “gay rights” political movement, from lobbying for harmful laws to parent school protests, to unneeded media coverage? The list goes on.

The Centers for Disease Control Youth Risk Behavior Survey reveals alarming sexual trends among youth. For instance, nearly 6% of students surveyed reported sex before age 13. Yet also deeply troubling, there is no indication these children were asked the obvious follow-up questions: “Who did you have sex with? What was the age and relationship?” Our sexualized culture surveys kids, then tosses them aside without addressing their actual needs. And we wonder why they begin to exhibit odd, even dangerous behavior?

And sinful sexual conduct is unnecessary, avoidable, and changeable, not healthy for children and other living things and we should be discouraging it in policies and programs.

A recent article in USA Today entitled, “Transgender People Face High Risk of Suicide” describes several gender-confused people who, when faced with taunts and rejection, attempted suicide. Of course, this is especially tragic among youth. But self-harm doesn’t just “happen” to people. While we must diligently teach kindness, a truly sustainable culture would also guide children away from adopting bizarre and self-destructive identities.

Still, your kids are being taught to be global citizens in a collectivist, sexually reckless, “sustainable” world.


What “sustainable” means is something that lasts, that can be maintained over time at a certain positive level. Christianity actually fosters that kind of culture, one we experienced in America until leftist revolutionaries gained positions of authority and began a long-term campaign of human destruction, using the rhetoric of freedom to cover the reality of bondage.

Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan said at a 2010 Sustainability Summit: “A well educated citizen knows that we must not act in this generation in ways that endanger the next.”

Then why on earth is the USDOE pushing “transgenderism” on local schools, where kids are sold the idea of mutilating healthy bodies to satisfy a mental delusion?  And why is the USDOE equating the embrace of sodomy as an aspect of school “safety” despite the CDC’s findings that 94% of HIV among American youth under age 24 involves male homosexual sex?

If “LGBT” behaviors were self-evidently glorious, our kids back at school would be happily opening their restrooms, locker rooms and showers to the opposite sex.

Of course, this is the fantasy world of leftist change agents, some of whom are school administrators. Most girls are actually outraged by boys invading their restrooms, and good for them.

AT Hillsboro High School in Missouri, over 150 students protested Lila Perry’s demand to use the girls’ restroom. “Lila” is a guy who angrily told the media “she”[he] thinks their protest is all about bigotry, pure and simple.

No, it’s actually about common sense, pure and simple. Sex masquerades, like boys trying to morph into girls, are not sensible, are impossible and therefore, not sustainable.

There’s also that privacy thing. And that selfishness thing. Being concerned only about your own irrational “rights” is totally unsustainable. Where’s the community, the tolerance? Where’s the embrace of the authentic instead of the phony?

Where is truth? Lies are not sustainable, either.

Human sexual excess consumes vast amounts of energy. And what’s the return? Once we account for the clean-up, the management, the waste, our culture’s current embrace of sexual license is an environmental disaster. The Gulf Oil spill is pond scum in comparison.

Sexually transmitted infections are at epidemic levels among American youth, the “gay” positive, hook-up generation. Only later does the tragic outcome become evident: disfigurement, infertility, sometimes death. Related health costs alone are unsustainable.

Just think about the lost human potential of aborted babies. And infertility means population reduction, less human capital, a less productive society…. waste.

And pornography? It’s the kerosene on this smoldering fire, a hidden public health crisis everyone pretends is not destroying families and children.

Devolution, not evolution.  Regress, not progress. It’s ancient tribalism with Twitter and I-Phones, instead of the careful but rewarding outcome of real, enduring –“sustainable”– relationships.

There’s one other element critical to actual progress, actual sustainability —- doing the will of God.

What has God said about sexuality? It’s reserved for man/woman marriage, and that’s the framework for the most sustainable human relationship of all time.

Linda Harvey is founder and president of Mission America, is a radio talk show host in Ohio and a weekly columnist for WND.com.


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